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How to Write a Product Review

How to Write a Product Review

A product review blog is a blog that tells the consumer and the general audience about a specific product or a service whether it’s as big as the iPhone 14 pro-Max or as small as a drinking glass. Most of these blogs exist online but they may also appear in print media although print media blogs are gaining less popularity as everything is online these days. The general audience read these blogs which helps them in making important purchasing decisions.


How to write a product review:

While the result, author, and end consumer of the product may vary, the process of writing a product blog is similar in most situations. I’ll be giving you a step-by-step guide to help you write a successful product review blog:


Introduce the product or service

Start your product review with a brief and simple one-to-two lines introduction of the product or service. A brief intro of your review will help attract the attention of motivated buyers. Use active and engaging words and phrases to capture your reader’s attention and your product review will stand out among a huge list of customer testimonies.


Take Pictures:

Whether you’re an accomplished photographer or a complete novice, it is extremely crucial that you take the picture of the product you are reviewing. Because pictures speak louder than words. Words are important, but the imagination of the product is equally important. Stock photos from the seller simply won’t cut it, as they don’t bring a sense of togetherness you need to have with your reader.


Empathize with your readers

Your product review blog can stand out from others by connecting with your readers on a personal level and understanding their needs. Instead of writing about the list of features of the said product/service, you can provide helpful info about how the product/service will solve your reader’s problems.

Consider using the following tips to convey empathy to your readers:

Friendly Tone: Use first-person language and a gentle tone when writing the blog to convey a sense of friendliness & understanding.

Rhetorical Questions: Asking rhetorical questions that may apply to the user’s life is an amazing way to connect their problem with solutions offered by the product/service and portray empathy through shared experiences.

Humanness: Many times, customers form a deeper connection with the writer of the product review blog than with the brands or businesses. Try to use language that feels genuine and is not too robotic.


Compare with Similar Products:

Another priority high on the reader’s mind is the comparison with a similar product or service. You need to explain clearly to the audience whether the product you are reviewing is better or worse than its competition. For that, you need to have to research the competing product or service to better tell the comparison between the two. Comparing to the competitive product/service will vastly help the buyer in deciding whether to buy the product or not.


 Identify your target audience

When writing a product review blog, clearly address your target readers. You can do this by clearly mentioning at the start of your blog who may benefit the most from using the product/service. By clearly mentioning the target audience, your target customers are instantly attracted to reading your review.


Explain the benefits and features

Write the details of the benefits and features in a way that consumers visualize themselves using that product/service. Offering this kind of personal visualization helps the consumer how a product/service could apply to their unique situation. When describing the benefits, consider including the following content:

Core Features: These are the features that are directly linked to solving the reader’s problems. Try to describe these features in just one or two sentences.

Actions: After explaining the features, describe how they work within the product/service. Limit your descriptions to one or two sentences as the readers have a short attention span.

Applications: After describing the core features, apply them to a real-life situation. Again, try to keep it short by up to one or two sentences by creating a realistic image of how the features will solve the consumer’s problems.


Give Testimonials:

The buyer needs to feel that the product being reviewed has been used by many people. For that, you might need customer testimonials or get their experiences of how they felt while using that particular brand/service. Giving real-life testimonials will increase the credibility of your product review.


 Summarize your review

End your review with a summary. Restate your opinion of the product/service by emphasizing the key points of your review. Disclose, if you believe the product or service can benefit others. In your summary, you can discuss the price of the product/service to indicate whether it has value for money or not.  Your final verdict of the product/service will guide the reader’s minds and their purchasing decisions.

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