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Why Nash Perspective is your Next Source for Earning Money Online?

Why Nash Perspective is your Next Source for Earning Money Online?

Freelancing in Pakistan is gaining a lot of traction over the past few years. Pakistan has now one of the largest freelancing populations in the world, with many teenagers and the youth preferring to use freelancing portals to earn a living instead of going through the monotonous routine of a generic 9 to 5 job.

Nash Perspective is the first-of-its-kind paid blogging website that is particularly aimed at the youth and women of Pakistan, both of whom have the highest ratio of the population in the country. We’re paying you to share your unique perspective with us! With no prerequisite conditions, an easy sign-up process, and hassle-free payouts, Nash Perspective has completely changed the landscape of freelancing in Pakistan.

A few pointers on why Nash Perspective should be your preferred freelancing destination:

No Unique Requirements:

Nash perspective blogging portal does not need any unique requirements for you to write and earn. The blog you publish just needs to be plagiarism free and written grammatically correct. Easy enough, right?

No Demands from Clients:

Many times, on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, the client gives you a set of unrealistic demands which are hard to follow through. You don’t have to worry about any of those things at Nash Perspective as we only expect your work to be plagiarism free and written grammatically correct.

No More Connects Required!

On the platform Upwork, you need a certain number of connects to bid for the work set by the client, for that you need to purchase those connects from Upwork. You need to pay to get paid there! From Nash perspective, however, no such connects are required, you just need to create a profile on the website and you’re good to go!

No Fear of Deadlines:

Nash Perspectives offers you a chance to write blogs on our website at your time. No more fear of deadlines as we don’t believe in working under pressure!

Easy Sign-Up Process:

Nash Perspective does not believe in a complicated sign-up process. Just go to https://nashperspective.com/signup/ and answer simple questions to start earning right away!

Hassle-Free Payment Process!

Picture this scenario, you’re a student in Pakistan who has just written amazing content for a client in the USA. The client is happy with your work and gives you the amount you both agreed on. You’re eagerly waiting for the money to arrive in your bank account. Unfortunately, you live in Pakistan, and it takes seven to ten working days for your money to arrive!  You wish there was a way for your money to arrive quickly, well with the Nash Perspective blogging platform, we’re giving you your hard-earned money as soon as you finish writing! With Nash Perspective being a local site, you’ll get your money on the same day!

Local Language Blogging

Nash Perspective understands that most of the population of Pakistan is not fluent in English, that’s why it also has the option for you to write blogs in Urdu and get paid the same amount as for English Blogs! We pride ourselves in being the first and only bilingual blogging website.

The More You Write; the More You Earn!

Nash Perspective has not put any restrictions on your creativity, simply put, the more blogs you write for us, the more money you can earn!

No Requirement for a Language Degree!

You don’t need to have a fancy English/Urdu language degree to write for us, as Nash Perspective believes in giving everyone a fair chance to earn money. Just sign up and start earning!


No Prior Experience Required!

One of the best parts of Nash Perspective is that it doesn’t see your prior history when you sign up for blog writing. You could be a Ph.D. or a student who has just passed his matriculation, all are welcome. Also, you could be an expert in blog writing or a complete novice, your prior history will not be considered!

No Requirement of a Bank Account!

Opening a bank account can be a hassle in Pakistan, especially for students who don’t have a source of income to open a bank account. That is why, Nash Perspective prefers to pay their bloggers via Easypaisa., an easy and smart way to receive money online. You just need to have a mobile number to create an Easypaisa account and you’re good to go!


So, there you have it. I’ve given you several reasons why Nash Perspective is your next and only destination for freelancing and earning money. Still not convinced? Log on to Nash Perspective’s website right now and learn more about how the youth and women are earning through our website!

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