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Why Society Must Address Discrimination?

Why Society Must Address Discrimination?

What is Discrimination?

Discrimination refers to comparing one person to another. It made this distinction for many reasons. Discrimination occurs in all countries and institutions around the world. Discrimination is more common in areas where it makes no sense. Discrimination is happening in schools, colleges, workplaces, and public places. The human brain naturally differentiates between things to see the world. For example, we learn to distinguish between a girl and a boy from childhood. But they teach us to discriminate. Our parents, friends, and relatives tell us from their observations that this is successful in doing so. And because of the fear of failure, we discriminate against the other party.


Here are the main reasons for discrimination.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Religion
  • Race/color
  • Culture
  • Disability
  • Education

Age discrimination:

Age discrimination occurs when an older, experienced person is fired because of his age and replaced by an unqualified and inexperienced, younger person.

*Giving undue benefits to an elderly person based on age.

*Not hiring people over a certain age is all about age discrimination.

Gender discrimination:

Gender discrimination is illegal in many countries, but in many countries, people still face problems because of their gender.

There are many examples of this.

*Sexual harassment.

*Treating women inappropriately because of pregnancy.

*Taking the same work from women and men, but different pay based on gender.

*Do not give a job to a qualified person based on gender.

*Not to lease a house or give a loan for a house based on gender

*Not awarding scholarships to meritorious students based on gender

All of this falls under the category of sexual discrimination.

Language discrimination:

In some places, people are treated differently because of their language.


*You’ve been passed over for a promotion you’re eligible for, but it’s given to someone else who’s not eligible due to a language barrier.

*Misbehaving with other people’s innocent and young children because they are unable to communicate

Disability discrimination:

A disabled person has to bear discrimination in every society.


*Do not give jobs to disabled people after seeing their disability.

*Making fun of disabled people.

*If a person becomes disabled during the job, then firing him and not providing any kind of assistance.

Not sympathizing with such people makes their life very difficult.

Race/color discrimination:

*Black people are discriminated against due to their color. If you are black, you may be discriminated against because of your color.

*If you immigrate to the UK from Arab countries and live there, you still don’t have the same rights as British residents. That’s racial discrimination.

*Do not hire based on color and race

*Forbidding marriage based on color and caste is all part of discrimination.

*Treating someone unfavorably based on color and race also falls under the category of discrimination.

Religion discrimination:

*Improper treatment of religious people based on their religion, beliefs, their religious dress, their love for their religion, their religious books, and their religious practices is also called discrimination.

Culture discrimination:

*Culture causes people to feel that they are better than other people, and, because of that, they have superiority due to the way they behave inappropriately towards other people. This is called cultural discrimination.

Education discrimination:

*Discrimination in education occurs when a person or an institution does injustice in the education system; does not respect the rights of students; gives priority to one student over another based on status, and supports him unnecessarily. This is discrimination in education.

How to conquer it?

If you see someone being discriminated against, it is very dangerous for that person’s mental and physical health. Here are some important things you can add to your life to help reduce discrimination.

  • You should respect the views of others and give them a chance to express themselves.

*When meeting people in your workplace, do not look at their disability, race, complexion, or religion, but prioritize their abilities.

*People who discriminate are narrow-minded and stereotyped. Don’t let your friends make disparaging comments.

*If someone is being discriminated against, don’t stay silent. Speak up.

*Spread awareness among people around you; give them moral and social education.

*Make every effort to keep the environment free of discrimination.

*Ensure in your working establishments that discriminators are not given any leeway, but strict action is taken against them.

If you are being discriminated against, take healthy steps to deal with it.

*Focus on your strengths. Focusing on your strengths helps people succeed, and it also plays an important role in reducing the negative effects of discrimination.

*Find a support system. There is no need to seek help from your family members and friends, but you can seek help from any organization, be it local or online.

*Meet people who have been discriminated against. Learn how to respond to discriminatory experiences with them.

  • Dealing with discrimination is difficult and can lead to depression. Seek professional advice. Psychiatrists are experts at understanding depression and its associated symptoms and can help you cope.

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