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Resuscitating lashes with homemade serum

Resuscitating lashes with homemade serum

People are inflicted with an abundance of queries and misperceptions regarding the regeneration of lashes. The truth behind lash regeneration is always overshadowed by myths. As some people suggest, putting a sort of oil can genuinely make a difference in the texture of lashes. Some recommended the idea of trimming to get more volume in lashes. Performing these home remedies can be helpful if done with accuracy but it takes appropriate time. I would like to reveal my own experiences and conclusions related to this subject matter.
One of the oldest remedies for lash rejuvenation is applying oil – specifically castor oil – overnight to get amazing lashes in just about a week. But my encounter with this remedy is below average. I always develop allergies and itchiness around my eyes. Solo application of castor oil undoubtedly can help in the growth of lashes but it is way too thick for the skin around the eyes. The skin surrounding the eyes is extremely sensitive due to its delicate surface which is why dermatologists always suggest taking special care while massaging that area of the eyes. When we close the eyes with lashes filled with oil, it promptly passes the excess oil towards the inner sides and corners of the eyes. That also lends a hand in the occurrence of skin allergies and bumps like milia covering the under-eye area.
The application of oil can’t take place during the daytime as everyone disapproves of the thought of the attainment of an oily look. I don’t prefer to use this remedy on its own because, apart from enduring the aforementioned troubles for about a month, a microscopic growth in lashes has been discovered. Then the question arises here what could be the perfect solution for promoting lash growth? I prefer an external application of a lightweight combination of vitamins along with castor oil. At this time I would disclose my magnificent serum for lash growth. The frivolous mixture contains ingredients that unquestionably favor the texture of lashes. It not only promotes lash growth but also turns it into a thick dark color. The ingredients include castor oil, almonds, coconut oil or vitamin E oil, Surma, aloe vera gel, and lavender oil.
The serum is incredibly easygoing. You just need to follow these steps:
1. The first step is to take the appropriate quantity of castor oil in a bottle which would be later used to shake the mixture well. The quantity would be varying according to the people using it. You can change it according to your need. Four to five tablespoons full can last for about two months if used regularly by an individual.
2. Put two almonds in a steel spoon and burn them at high flame until it turns wholly black in color. Then crush it well and add the crushed black powder from the almonds into the oil.
3. Add about two or three teaspoons of the preserved form of aloe Vera gel from any brand. You can’t use natural aloe gel due to its lack of sustaining capability.
4. Add two tablespoons full of coconut oil or one whole vitamin E capsule.
6. Add half a tablespoon of pure Vaseline or petroleum jelly.
5. Put in some quantity of Surma about half of the tablespoon with a drop of lavender oil. Lavender oil assigns fragrance to the mix and it’s optional.
After adding all the ingredients, shake the bottle to let it form a lightweight serum. You need to use this mixture at night before going to bed. Use a mascara brush for better application over the lashes and leave it overnight. Wash it carefully after removing the excess oil around the eye area with a tissue or soft cloth. It can also be used to promote dark and bushy eyebrows. Use the same mascara brush over the brows. Be extra careful in putting the application of this serum. You just need to focus on the lashes and brows area only. Just one smudge is more than enough for one application. The progress can be seen after about a week. You might feel the difference in texture and color of lashes after their proper use.
One more remedy can be used for instant results. You are probably aware of an ingredient that bestows consistency in meals. The magic of corn flour can’t be neglected in imparting runniness. You just need to do a bit of Vaseline over the lashes with fingers or a mascara brush. After that gently spread a suitable amount of corn flour over the lashes to let it stick to the lash’s surface. After repeating it twice you might feel heaviness while blinking the eyes or moving the lashes downward. After this technique uses your regular mascara over the corn flour application. You can also use the mascara application twice or thrice that fits your need. It instantly improves lashes’ texture and heaviness. You don’t need to use artificial lashes if you follow this trick.

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