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How to Prevent dark lips with Homemade Lip tint

How to Prevent dark lips with Homemade Lip tint

Darker lips can be a nuisance if caused due to health complications or using the wrong beauty products. Even though you can cover it with tint application to the lips, it could not confer the desired color. The dark color of lips has two combinations: one is dark purple and the other one is dark blue. Both the color unites with the lipstick color to form alternative color. It can be acceptable in some cases but not in all. Sometimes you get tired of attaining the same shade again and again even after trying different shades. This issue arises due to the darker lips.

There are many causes behind darker lips. The causes can be further depending on internal health conditions and the external structure of the lips. Internal causes can be sort of interior diseases and infections that might transform the color of one of the lips or both. It can then consider a symptom of a health-related problem. The color of the lip is contingent on the severity of the internal syndrome. The external causes may include the usage of the wrong beauty products. The ingredients used in the cheap lipsticks can be the origin of the dead skin cell around the corner of the lips. This turns out into dense shade over the outline of the lips.

The question here comes up how can we prevent this condition? For internal causes, you should consult with the doctor for verifying underlying health issues and further treatment. For external issues, the very first step you may consider here is using reputable brand lip tints. High-quality lipsticks can be expensive but still, the ingredient used in them can’t be verified and may contain some elements from which you might acquire allergy.

The best solution to put a stop to the blackness of lips is to make a homemade lip tint. It’s an easy-going DIY. It can be made by assembling a magical element to the essential oil available at your home. You must be aware of crayons that are used by children or artists in their drawings. The idea behind the preference for crayons over general color sticks comes from research that says the child always likes to put everything into his mouth. Crayons are not dangerous if consumed by the child as compared to wooden sticks. The wooden stick color can be stuck into his oral cavity and later can be life-threatening to the stomach as well.

The crayons are made up of colored wax and it would not originate darkness on the lips. The coverage of this lipstick is matte like but it can be glossy with the addition of pure petroleum jelly. Let’s learn the recipe for homemade lipstick. For this lipstick, you need a crayon of any shade and coconut oil. If coconut oil is not available you can substitute it with olive oil, almond oil, or a vitamin E capsule. If there is no concerned oil obtainable at home you can make it yourself. You just need a tablespoon of canola oil or vegetable oil. Add a small piece of coconut or almond to it. Make sure you use a steel tablespoon and place this over a high flame to burn it entirely until it turns black in color. Filter the oil and use this oil in a combination with crayon.

Place a crayon on a steel tablespoon over medium flame to melt it up. Mix the aforementioned oil of your choice from the back of the spoon and stir it up. Turn the flame off and put it aside. You can also add pure petroleum jelly at this stage for extra moisture and glossy lip tint, but it’s optional. If you have used homemade oil in it this recipe then it’s necessary to add a fragrant essential oil like lavender. It’s up to you whether the lip tint should have a fragrance or not. After assembling all the ingredients into the mix, let it cool down a bit at room temperature for about five to ten minutes. Then take a mold of an empty lipstick and fill it up with this mixture and keep this in the fridge to set for about three to four hours. Take out the lipstick from the fridge and keep it at room temperature for a day. Use it the other day and you would forgo the branded lip tints after the application.

You can also get the required color by the amalgamation of two or more crayons to get the desired shade. I combine one-half red and one-fourth orange crayon to get my favorite shade. You can also try other color combinations like mixing red and dark blue to get a dark purple shade which is in fashion nowadays. If you don’t have an empty mold, you can also put it into a small size container that can be covered. Use a lipstick brush or your finger for application. As soon as the tint gets cool down you can recognize the actual shade of the tint. If you don’t obtain the shade, you were looking for, you can melt the mixture again for fluctuations of different shades of crayons. Your lips would not turn darker after using this moisturized tint.

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